Saturday, April 25, 2009

Going back to work after vaca is no fun!

I love what I do and know that it matters...... and yet somehow coming back to work does not have the same joyous tone as 2 weeks of doing nothing did! Luckily I had a few more days of reprieve than Frank did.... I think Xander and I both needed it! Poor little man has had a bit of a rough go recently. First the double ear infection when we came back from MO, then diarrhea from the antibiotics, then vomiting and more diarrhea from a stomach bug that we all seem to have caught, then a very long plane ride, feeling slightly better, and then more vomiting and diarrhea(return of the stomach bug or teething?) only this time accompanied by a fever and lethargy followed by ANOTHER long plane ride. The first few days we were back he was napping like 4 hours at a time! Fortunetly (or unfortunetly depending on how you want to look at it) he is feeling better but is therefore sleeping less and to top it all off is now cutting at least 2 but I suspect 4 new teeth! His 2 top incisors have poked through and my guess is that the 2 middle top ones won't be far behind! Poor Frank was up more than he cared to be with him last night while I was at work. At least when I am at home with him I can nap when he naps- although I don't ever seem to get much done that way. Frank is relegated to sleeping on the floor of his office during his lunch break. Someday soon Xander will go back to sleeping through the night, right???????????

Friday, April 17, 2009

Greetings from the land of Aloha!

Hello from Hawaii! Our vaca is almost over but we've been having fun so far!  We went on a helicopter ride, went to a luau, have spent an excessive amount of time sleeping and lounging by the pool, not to mention eating... Both Frank and I got massages and despite a round of the stomach flu fun is being had by all!  Off to the beach for our last afternoon here.  More when we get home...