Friday, January 29, 2010

I saw James roll over!

So today I got to see the little booger roll over! Yeah for mommy. HE was hilarious b/c he just kept doing it over and over. You'd out him on his back and over he'd go. He discovered that he could grab onto the toy hanging from his gym and use it to leverage himself over. I was impressed today that he managed to roll over and then get his arms up in front of himself so he could prop up on his arms. Previously he had rolled over and then had his face mashed into the floor and wasn't to impressed with that. He was much happier today when he could lay on his belly and look around. The kids were home with my mom today and she said he was a rolling fool all day.

Tomorrow we have an appoinment for intake with Monadnock Childhood Development Services. Alexander is being evaluated for speech. So tomorrow I get all the info and then we'll schedule his eval. Honestly I am conflicted on how I want this eval to go. On one hand I don't want to hear that my child has a developmental delay and yet on the other hand if there IS a potential delay I want him to get early intervention. I think he is probably going to be fine and he'll catch up on his own eventually and I am guessing someday I will be asking myself why I was so eager for him to talk but... I see him get frustrated with his inability to get what he wants and I want him to be able to tell me. Besides he won't even get potty trained if he can't tell me he needs to go!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

stubborn children

Why is it that James has deigned to roll over for everyone BUT me! I am his mommy after all and I should be the one who gets to witnes his developmental milestones but noooooooooooooooo. He rolls over for nan, for the babysitter and even for Daddy and yet for me nothing, nada, only tipping onto his side but no actual overage. Little stinker! Hopefully sometime I will actually get to witness this great feat of his!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

playing together

BTW for those of you who keep insisting that James is bigger than Alexander I would have you know that at 4 months Xander weighed 1 oz more then James and was taller! So James just looks bigger b/c he is a shorty like his mommy- poor little dude!
I love this pic of them playing together- they are both so seriously contemplating their own play but they are somehow still working together (oh yeah and it kept them both busy and quiet for about 10 minutes- party time...ok so really I just unloaded the dishwasher!)
I'm so glad that they get to have each other. I'm sure int he future there will plenty of times when the bickering and fighting will drive me to distractions but right now they just love each other so much. Xander could literally love James to death! Sometimes I have to just mop the mutual drool off their faces they've been loving each other so much. Soon James will be old enough to fight back a little and then we'll see. Right now I just think it is hilarious when Xander crys b/c he wants to hold James and we are taking too long to give him over.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

James' four month appointment

James does not like getting shots! Boy was he po'd.... Xander used to cry but you could calm him down feed him but James was mad mad mad! Oh well he survived and he ate when we got home and now is safetly tucked in his crib for a nap. So he now weighs 15 lbs (54%) and is 24.25 in (approx he was very squirmy so it was hard to get an accurae measurement) also in. the 50th percentile. Other than some infant ezcema (like mother like son...) he is doing very well. Xander is going to be evaluated for speech by RISE- our local early intervention program b/c he isn't really talking all that much yet so we'll see how that goes.

Frank and I are looking at new siding and doors so if anyone has any good suggestions of companies and/or contractors please let me know b/c I got the first quote today and OUCH!

Monday, January 18, 2010

James is four months old!

My baby is getting so big! He is starting to do all those big baby things- roll over, sit up straight, play in his exersaucer, scoot across the floor, sleep through the night.... Now mind you I am not at all complaining about the sleeping part b/c he can be pretty cranky when he wants to and he wants to plenty! but it is just the time passing me by that has me somewhat nostalgic. I miss him being a tiny baby in some ways- even though it is exciting to see him grow and change and evolve from a baby into a boy it's sad to see those tiny baby days go by so quickly... I look at Xander now and honestly I don't remember him at four months and I know in a year I won't remember James this way anymore...

ps- insomia sucks!

Friday, January 15, 2010

James rolled over!

of course none of us actually saw him accomplish this feat but mom said she put him on his mat on his back and he ended up on his belly so yeah for James! Maybe tomorrow when I am not working I will get a chance to see him do it for myself.


James almost rolled over today- he was so darned close. He made it literally 3/4 of the way to his belly from his back and then he got hung up on the leg of the floor gym. It won't be much longer.... In some ways I am happy that he is growing and changing but in others ways this is one of my favorite ages and I don't want it to pass by too fast. He is so interactive and talkative these days- smiling and cooing at you but if you put him down he stays!!!!! And they love to cuddle at this age- they just snuggle into you and are happily content to just sit in your lap and be held. As they get older they get so wiggly. I love it when Xander comes and voluntarily gives me cuddles but it doesn't happen that often and of as often as not a hug comes with some wrestling and head butting. James is still content to just snuggle in my arms and let me breathe in his happy baby smell.

So my mom ventured off to swim class and music class with the boys this week and everyone survived thank goodness. I think Xander must be a bit more unsure with my mom b/c she said he was quiet and stayed quietly in her arms during swim class... so either he was tired this week or he just likes to push my buttons! crazy little demon child that he is.... OR my mom could just blantantly be lying to me so I don't feel bad! Music class also went well according to mom and it must have been mostly ok b/c then she took the boys all the way back to Durham to go and visit Pop! The day before when she asked if I minded if she took them (b/c it meant they wouldn't get home till very late and with James and the breastfeeding that can sometimes be a challenge although he does seem to be getting better about taking a bottle) I told her she was more than welcome to take them wherever she wanted as long as she didn't complain to me afterwards! And all I got was glowing reports of how good they were so yeah for my good little boys! Of course we had to dynamnite Nan out of bed this morning so it must have been an exhausting day!

The nice thing about her takign the boys though was it meant that Frank and I got to hang out after work just the 2 of us. We were somewhat sad and pathetic and spent our quiet/alone time watching a movie, eating pizza, and going to bed early! Of course once James got home he decided he was hungry and wanted to play but he is bound to have nights when he doesn't sleep well. I'm working a lot this week- including days tues and wed hence the hanging out after work with my husband- it is kind of a novel concept for us- so thank goodness mom was able to come and babysit b/c I hate to consider the daycare bill if we didn't have her to help us out. Thanks You MOM!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When toddlers dress themselves....

I'm sorry but you just have to love it when your little one comes up to you having taken his shirt off, and put on cowboy boots and his winter hat! I don't what Xander's current fascination with shoes is but he is developing quite the little shoe fetish. He is constantly coming to me with different shoes, his, mine, Frank's- it doesn't really matter whose shoes he has but he wants to put them on- and he doesn't seem to mind who he puts them on either! I thought it was partcularly hilarious when he wanted to put his little rubber boots on my feet- and even better when he managed to actually get them on my feet at least part of the way! He likes his boots the best- now whether it is actually the boots or the fact that he can mostly put them on by himself I am not quite sure.. but he definitely loves his boots. And he also seems to enjoy taking off his shirt as well. He hasn't quite managed to get his pants off by himself yet but I don't think it will be much longer.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Swim class!

Hey I made it to 100 posts! pretty cool...

So Tues I took Xander to swim class at the YMCA. We dropped James off with Frank at work first(his office is practically next door to the Y) and then headed on over. Xander went to the child watch for an hour so I could take an exercise class (it kicked my butt and I am seriously sore now but I felt pretty good by the end of it). Anyway so after my class I picked him up and we headed to the dressing room to change into our suits- mistake #1. I got him all changed and the minute I had my shirt off to chnage into my suit he totally took off running. Mind oyu the family locker room doesn't actually have a door that shuts to it (who's brillant idea that was we'll never know..) it's just an open doorway so there I am trying to wiggle into my swim suit as fast as I can b/c Xander is escaping into the hallway. I got my top on and then ran after him and caught him just as he was heading down the stairs. Mistake #2 trying to put the rest o swimsuit on- apparently me changing without him running off was not going to be an option-although the second time I couldn't find him at first and I was starting to panic a bit when I realized he had my cell phone so I could hear the phone beeping as he pushed buttons...I finally tracked him down to the boys locker room, which was around the corner from the family locker room (also with no door...). Luckily there were no boys in there when I found him! So me all suited up, Xander all suited up we headed down to the pool.

So the swim instructer is going on and on about pool safety and easing the children into the water b/c they might be scared... meanwhile I am physically having to hold him back from jumping in. So we finally get into the pool and all the hassle of getting there was totally wiped away by the giant grin on his face when he realized he could kick around and float. He still isn't reall keen on floating on his back but he thought the noodle was the greatest thing ever and was also pretty intrigued with the kickboard. This class that he is in is really a water adjustment class than an actual swim class- to get the kids comfortable in the water but I think he is going to be ready for much more before long so hopefully she will be able to help us with kicking and paddling as well as just getting used to the water.

So after the 30 minutes of fun in the pool we were left with showering and getting redressed- another battle of sorts. I think it took us longer to get ready to go than the entire time we spent in the pool! Xander does not like the shower and then I stupidly forgot to bring the baby soap so both our eyes were burning but I was all sweaty and nasty from my exercise class so I had to soap off at least a little. Thankfully the shower room actually had a door! I'm not sure who was more tired after the whole thing- me or Xander. Anyway we finally got all dressed and ready to go so we went and picked up James, had lunch with Frank and headed home. luckily both boys fell asleep on the car ride home and we all had a nice long nap when we got home. But how sad is it that my entire day was taken up with a workout, swim class, lunch and a nap! By the time we got up from our nap I had to start on dinner...

Next week I have to work tues so Nan gets to take him to swim class- maybe he will be better behaved for her!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

and then they all came crashing down...