Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When toddlers dress themselves....

I'm sorry but you just have to love it when your little one comes up to you having taken his shirt off, and put on cowboy boots and his winter hat! I don't what Xander's current fascination with shoes is but he is developing quite the little shoe fetish. He is constantly coming to me with different shoes, his, mine, Frank's- it doesn't really matter whose shoes he has but he wants to put them on- and he doesn't seem to mind who he puts them on either! I thought it was partcularly hilarious when he wanted to put his little rubber boots on my feet- and even better when he managed to actually get them on my feet at least part of the way! He likes his boots the best- now whether it is actually the boots or the fact that he can mostly put them on by himself I am not quite sure.. but he definitely loves his boots. And he also seems to enjoy taking off his shirt as well. He hasn't quite managed to get his pants off by himself yet but I don't think it will be much longer.

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