Friday, January 29, 2010

I saw James roll over!

So today I got to see the little booger roll over! Yeah for mommy. HE was hilarious b/c he just kept doing it over and over. You'd out him on his back and over he'd go. He discovered that he could grab onto the toy hanging from his gym and use it to leverage himself over. I was impressed today that he managed to roll over and then get his arms up in front of himself so he could prop up on his arms. Previously he had rolled over and then had his face mashed into the floor and wasn't to impressed with that. He was much happier today when he could lay on his belly and look around. The kids were home with my mom today and she said he was a rolling fool all day.

Tomorrow we have an appoinment for intake with Monadnock Childhood Development Services. Alexander is being evaluated for speech. So tomorrow I get all the info and then we'll schedule his eval. Honestly I am conflicted on how I want this eval to go. On one hand I don't want to hear that my child has a developmental delay and yet on the other hand if there IS a potential delay I want him to get early intervention. I think he is probably going to be fine and he'll catch up on his own eventually and I am guessing someday I will be asking myself why I was so eager for him to talk but... I see him get frustrated with his inability to get what he wants and I want him to be able to tell me. Besides he won't even get potty trained if he can't tell me he needs to go!

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