Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my poor, sadly neglected blog!

Where does time go? Don't you ever wonder how it happens that there just ever seem to be enough hours in the day to so all the things you want/need to do! I honestly don't know what I have been up to the past 3 weeks that have prevented me from bloggin- mostly I think it is the fact that I haven't been up to anything so why would anyone want to read about the poor minutiae of my life that has prevented me from writing. But now I feel guilty so even though I have not much to say here I am!
Most recently Frank and I have been preparing for the fair. I finally got everything packed off to the exhibition hall tonight so now we just have to wait till thurs, when I don't have to work, so we can go and see if we won any ribbons! My typical goal is to win enough prize money to cover our tickets to the fair for that year- not sure we are going to make it this year b/c of my serious lack of canning last summer! Instead of having 20+ entries for the canning department I had 2! oh well- we had flowers and veggies to put in this year and I entered a bunch of stuff in the needlework category- it won't be enough to pay for both Frank and I but it should cover one of us- I hope! yeah for cheap entertainment... of course it helps that we never even enter the midway so all we spend money on is food- so looking forward to caramel apples!
Other than that I am feeling the 3rd trimester of this pregnancy hit me with a vengeance. I feel like I could nap constantly and my hips/back are often quite uncomfortable these days. This weekend my feet had swollen up so much I couldn't get my shoes on- thanks goodness for flip flops. I had to sleep with my feet up on a pillow just to get them back to a somewhat normal size. Most recently I get this sharp stabbing pain in my right leg everytime I try to walk- poor Frank had to practically carry me to bed Sunday night b/c I was about ready to try crawling since walking was so painful. The funny part was that i discovered I could walk backwards just not forwards! Thank goodness our bedroom is on the first floor!!!!! 32 weeks down and 8 more to go-uuggggghhhh.