My Crafty Corner

I thought I'd make a page to share my latest and greatest sewing projects and maybe also some of my favorites! In my opinion sewing is like therapy, only better because when it is all over you have something that you can actually put your hands on and you feel great! Someday this may evolve into it's own blog but for now.... it's just a page.

You can see my current knitting projects here.

September 2010:  I've been busy sewing recently but a couple of my fav most recent projects are some one-size cloth diapers that I have been making and the Jamie Jumper I made for James' first birthday.  I also made a raglan matching top for Xander.  They came out really cute! I just love the hot pink diaper- luckily I have some friends having baby girls so I have someone to make the girly fluff for!  I am in love with the farm print for the boy's outfits.  I bought a whole bunch of it awhile back and I have just been sitting on it waiting for the right project to come along.  I think these outfits came out nicely.

June 2010: On the left a Jamie Jumper for Caroline's baby shower. I finally got around to tracing out the pattern and making this jumper. I'm not wild about how the neck came out on this one- it seems like it is a bit too wide.  On the right is my second Jamie Jummper that I made for baby Colton. The neckline came out much better on this one but then it got kinda bunchy in the front- luckily the snaps stretched it out so you can't really tell.  In this photo the one sleeve looks weird but it was normal when I held it up. One of these days I will get the trim right! Now I need to make one for James before he gets too big!

April 2010: Waldorf Doll and Emmy Dress for Naomi's first birthday.  I think the dolly came out so sweet!
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