Wednesday, August 18, 2010

James is eleven months old!

One step closer to being a whole year old... oh my goodness it's just stunning to me how quickly they grow. He's walking very well these days, not quite as steady on his feet as I remember Xander being but it is so hard to look at them now and try to think back on what they were like so I am most likely misremembering. He's chewing on anything and everything in sight but I don't see any new teeth chomping through. He has 6 teeth total now, 4 on top (the middle 2 finally came in) and 2 on bottom. His top teeth are huge, wide teeth so now he has a very toothy grin. It's amazing to me how much teeth can change their look. With his big honking teeth and the fact that since he has started walking he has slimmed right down, he looks much more like a toddler than a baby these days. He still has a big cue ball of a head but his hair is much lighter than it was. His eyes I think are going to stay brown- for a while they seemed to be changing on a daily basis but I think he is going to have brown/dark hazel eyes. But his hair...sometimes it is a very light brown, almost dark blond and some days it looks slightly darker. It's a bit hard to tell since they are outside a lot so it could just be sun bleached but he isn't going to have hair as dark as either me or Frank and he certainly isn't going to be a toe-head like his brother. In fact I don't think they could look any less alike! Xander is extremely fair skinned and James has the same dark olive skin that Frank has. Xander looks more and more like a blond version of Frank everyday with my mom's har and eyes and my coloring and James has more of Frank's coloring but looks like a mini version of his Uncle James- apparently he was aptly named! Anyway he is weighing in at about 18.5 lbs these days which make his a skinny little peanut but I swear the child is a bottomless pit! Xander has entered the picky toddler phase with a vengeance but James will eat anything you put in front of him and then more! My new fav thing that he does though is when he cries he makes this adorable warbling sound. Frank says he sound like Chewbacca and we should nickname him "chewy" but for the time being JJ seems to be sticking best. Sleep wise we are fighting between him needing two naps but then only taking one nap and my desire for them both to nap at the same time.. we'll see who wins!