Friday, June 26, 2009

still trucking!

So here is our little man enjoying his lunch. I'm loving thefact that he is eating almost exclusively finger food these days. He tried to go for the silverwear (sp?) but that usually ends up being just a huge mess. But I got so tired of having to feed him every single meal and then he'd get all cranky cause he would want to do it himself- now he just gets yogurt fed to him and pretty much everything else is all him! whoo hoo. Today he was eating apple slices for the first time and he did well with no choking so we'll have to continue with those. He always suprises me with what he is able to eat. We've been trying to get him to eat more iron-rich things since he was a little anemic at his one year check up but he's not real keen on red meat, unless it's steak! or on eating green leafy veggies- broccoli got quite the face! Maybe we'll try some spinach, he he he.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

One of those weeks....

All I can say is that it has been one of those weeks. I came down with a terrible cold and haven't gotten out of bed/off the couch in days- which has left Xander to terrorize me house which now means it is a total disaster area! Then I finally summon up the courage to check my email and all there is is bad new and more bad news- well it isn't all bad but still.... One of Frank and my friends from PC has a daughter about a month ago who had Meconium Aspiration Syndrome and has been in the NICU since she was born, first on a ventilator and then ECMO. She is hanging in there which is the good news, seeing as a week ago things looked pretty grim. But then I found out one of my fellow DSDers suffered an amniotic fluid embolus during labor and is now in the ICU and it is unclear at this point whether or not she will survive- and her baby did not. She has 8 children at home and the mere thought that those kids could lose their mother just makes me feel ill! So please if you read this send some prayers out for Carri and her family! And after finding out about Carri, I learned that another good friend of mine had a kitchen fire and they are staying in a hotel while their house is being cleaned of smoke damage... I think I will just retreat back to my bed and bury my head in the sand for awhile longer.

But before I do in other news the farm finally has a truck! Frank and I are now the proud owners of a GMC Sierra 3500 crew cab pickup truck- it is seriously one of the biggest fricking pick-ups I have ever seen and it is a dually so it's wide too. It won't even fit in our garage it is so long! I'll post pix when I have them.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Alexander's one year appointment!

Alexander has his one year check-up on Monday- thank goodness that is over! He weighs 19 lbs, is 28 1/4 in long and has a head circumference of 17+ in- I can't remember the and change part- maybe a 1/2 in. Which still makes him a peanut but at least he is actually on the growth chart these days- albeit in the 5% percentile for height and weight! He is holding steady though in that 5th percentile so we'll just go with it for now. The 5 shots he got for vaccines was no fun but he hasn't had any reactions so far and didn't even have a fever afterwards so that is a relief to me. His lead level came back negative but he is slightly anemic so we'll have to start him on iron supplements for a month and then recheck his level. The Dr gave us the ok to give formula the boot so we are working on switching him from formula to "real" milk. I think the biggest challenge is to get him to drink cold milk vs warm milk. He has discovered the love of goldfish crackers and apparently was stealing them from all the kids at daycare today!

Friday, June 5, 2009

belated photos

I feel like this week has just flown by! It's been a whirl what can I say. Monday Lynn, Elaine, and I did some shopping in Keene and Grandma Lynn got Alexander a John Deere tractor ride-on for his birthday- plus some much needed socks (Thank you Grandma!). We strolled Main Street and had lunch at Keene Fresh Salad-yummy! Tuesday they headed home and Xander and I attempted to clean house and do the massive amount of laundry that had piled up over the last 2 weeks. Then Wednesday we headed over to the seacoast to return Nan's knitting and attempt to return the our busted-up suitcase only to find out that the 10 year warantee doesn't cover "airline damage." So much for our brand new expensive suitcase! We had lunch with Nikki at this very nice restaurant in Portsmouth called Ri-Ra. They took an old bank and made it into a restaurant and they did a very nice job with it! I am working this weekend and then Mon Xan has his 1 year check-up! I was hoping that he would be able to turn forward facing in his carseat since he is older than a year now but I double checked on the carseat and he has to weigh more than 22 lbs and be taller than 33 inches to forward face in it! Poor little man is going to be rear facing till he is 2! Anyway I included some pics from his birthday party and him riding the "mechanical bull" at the mall the day before! hilarious.... Plus I added pictures of Alexander's beautiful birthday cake courtesy of his Godmother Melissa- she made him the cutest little smash cake too but for some reason everytime I tried to upload photos of it, it was upside down.... silly camera. Alexander mostly just ate the frosting off of it- he didn't really get any cake until he stole mine and boy did he enjoy it!