Friday, June 12, 2009

Alexander's one year appointment!

Alexander has his one year check-up on Monday- thank goodness that is over! He weighs 19 lbs, is 28 1/4 in long and has a head circumference of 17+ in- I can't remember the and change part- maybe a 1/2 in. Which still makes him a peanut but at least he is actually on the growth chart these days- albeit in the 5% percentile for height and weight! He is holding steady though in that 5th percentile so we'll just go with it for now. The 5 shots he got for vaccines was no fun but he hasn't had any reactions so far and didn't even have a fever afterwards so that is a relief to me. His lead level came back negative but he is slightly anemic so we'll have to start him on iron supplements for a month and then recheck his level. The Dr gave us the ok to give formula the boot so we are working on switching him from formula to "real" milk. I think the biggest challenge is to get him to drink cold milk vs warm milk. He has discovered the love of goldfish crackers and apparently was stealing them from all the kids at daycare today!

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