Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Whitney gets into the Halloween Spirit!

I carved this pumpkin for a pumkin carving contest at the hospital. It was entered into the Job Related category. I unfortunely did not win a prize! Oh well... We had fun at work one night last week carving pumkins on our dinner break for the Keene Pumkin Festival which turned in a dismal 22,000 jack o lanterns. Xander, Val, and I had fun when we went on Saturday though. The church ladies from Marlborough make a mean Pumpkin Whoopee Pie and I don't even like Whoopee Pies. After we got home we had to make a little emergency trip to the Seacoast b/c my brother James had a heart attack on Sat afternoon. I am happy to report after a couple days in the ICU and little surgery he is doing 100% better and is at home. He'll be back at work by next week it looks like. I am amazed sometimes at the healing power of modern medicine! He just wanted an excuse to see us I guess and we had fun with Riley and Connor- although it truly shocks me that the Friendly's Kids menu has a dinner option that included mozarella sticks and feench fries and that's it! I realize that dining out at Friendly's isn't going to be amazingly healthy but cheese sticks and fries- seriously!

I weeble and I wobble...

So Xander has been working very hard at sitting up and he is doing a really amazing job. He can sit up by himself now for short periods of time. He does better when he discovers his feet and therefore has something extra to hold onto. Typically he is able to stay upright for a few minutes and then he just sort of falls over. So cute! We've been practicin on nice soft surfaces like the bed so that when he does tip over he won't crack his head open! In the picture below he finally gets straightened out with a helping hand from mom...and then gives the camera his hey what's going on look!

We've also been working on tummy time with varying sucess. He would much rather be sitting or standing than lying down in any postion. I have found that the best time to get him on his belly is first thing in the morning. I get him up, strip off all his clothes and diaper and let him air out, and put him on a piddle pad on his belly. Then he doesn't seem to mind it as much. My son the exhibitionist! Here he is in a good mood on his belly -picture worthy b/c it happens so rarely. The second picture I just love b/c he is working so hard to push himself up, plus the drool is so classic. He has rolled over a few times but it seems more of an accident than on purpose. He is an expert at rolling onto his side but he just can't seem to make it the rest of the way over- whether he is on his back or belly.

He has also fallen in love with the jumperoo. He wasn't liking the swing as much recently. I think it was too passive for him. He didn't mind the one at home b/c it played music but the one he had at the babysitters wasn't cutting it anymore so we tried out the jumperoo and i think we have created a monster. I am already sick of that stupid song but he jumps and gets it to play music and it sends him into hysterics every single time. I absolutely love to hear him laugh though, it is just the best sound, so i'll put up with the stupid song. now I am going to have to find a second jumperoo so he can have one at the babysitters too. I found a couple of used ones on craigslist for cheap so I'll have to find one close by.

This pic was taken by Connor this weekend in a fit of boredom, while he was shoe shopping with Frank and I. We took Connor with us to go buy new tennis shoes from Robert at Olympia Sports. Unfortunelty b/c neither Frank nor I have bought new shoes for years it took us over an hour for us to each find a pair of shoes that fit and that we liked. Poor Robert! He was great though and we each found shoes and the minute we got home I took great pleasure in throwing away Frank's old pair!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I just love how Xander will be all cute and adorable and smiling and the second the red eye flashes the eye open big and wide and the mouth goes all slack! Still you have to love those big blue eyes of his! We are expanding his collection of fruit inspired hats- he has a pumpkin hat and now an apple hat! This pic I took right as I was leaving for work tonight (sun). It's my third night in a row and I am tired... but I have the next 2 days off so that is something to look forward to. This coming weekend is the Keene Pumpkin Festival and Soccer Jamboree for Frank's soccer team. He has been coaching soccer though the Winchester rec center. My frined Val is coming to visit- she just moved to MA from GA- so we'll hit Frank's first game and then head to Keene for the Festival. I have never been during the day before-only in the evening so I am looking forward to dressing Xander up and watching the children's parade and exploring the craft fair sans Frank! Maybe I'll get some good Christmas present ideas.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Big boy pjs...

Here is Xander so cute in his big boy pjs. He's getting too long for all his gowns. Please note the giant nighttime diaper spreading his legs wide... and the fact that he has moved out of the bassinett into the cradle. Mind you he is still sleeping in our room but that is really mostly my choice b/c I am too darn lazy to get up in the middle of the night and haul my tushie up stairs to feed him! Letting him sleep in our room is more for convienance, that is my convienance, sake.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who'd ever thought that someone else's bowel habits could be so interesting...

So I think it is pretty hilarious but there is something about being a mom that means you get to/need to pay attention to the bowel habits of your child. Who knew that I could get so excited over poop, but when your kid hasn't done #2 in 8 days you can go over the moon at the sight of it. Yeah for the poop dance! Then comes the inevitable well now I have to clean this all up...that is the less fun part. Luckily in the last several weeks of 7-8 days of not pooping followed by massive explosions, I have been lucky enough to not be the one the change that diaper. The babysitter got the first honors and daddy came in second- way to go mommy!
We, well rather I , have been having fun dressing up Xander in Halloweeny outfits. He only gets to wear them for such a short time and they are SO cute that I can't help myself, plus he looks pretty cute in orange. I am sad and pathetic but Gap was doing a casting call for cute baby/kids and I entered a picture of Xander. There were LOTS of really cute babies on there though so i am sure we have no chance of winning but there was a secret little thrill of saying hey I've got one cute kid and I'm going to try to cash in on it- that sentiment was quickly following by a horrendous sense of guilt that I was even thinking about cashing in on my kids adorableness but by then the deed had been done! Of course the really sad part about it all was that I found out about the casting call when I was shopping online at gap.com (Baby Gap is seriously addicting!). Actually I have developed an online shopping addiction over the last few days but I think after winning my last ebay auction I have kicked the habit! What is it about bidding in auctions that brings out the adrenaline- I swear i get heart palpitations sometimes, followed by the inevitable crash when I lose b/c I am too darn cheap! Ebay is for bargains right???????
Excuse the rambling post, it is now almost 5 am and I have been up for close to 24 hours and I still have to give report, change clothes, drive home, feed the baby and put away my lunch and pumped milk before I can fall into bed for 2-4 hours until Xander decides he has had enough "cuddle time" and he wants to play now mommy.... Sometimes working night shift sucks a**. TTFN.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Xander's 4 month appointment

Xander is now 15 lbs 1 oz and 25 in long! He is 50th percentile for height and weight and 25th percentile for head circumference. The Dr assures me however that even though his head is small that will not affect his intelligence. He did alright with his shots. He wasn't too happy about them but he calmed down pretty quickly afterwards. He had a fever the next day and was obviously not feeling well, but seemed back to his happy self today. Last week in general he was fussy though. He was on a nursing strike- he would only eat if we were laying down. He gets distracted very easily these days and seems to think that my nipples are made out of rubber! I think he was having a bit of a growth spurt too b/c it seemed as if he was constantly hungry. He was also apparently somewhat constipated b/c he didn't poop for 8 days- the lucky babysitter got to change that diaper! I'll have to take some pics of him in his cute halloween outfits. Today he was wearing a onesie with a glow in the dark skeleton on the front- so cute!!!!