Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who'd ever thought that someone else's bowel habits could be so interesting...

So I think it is pretty hilarious but there is something about being a mom that means you get to/need to pay attention to the bowel habits of your child. Who knew that I could get so excited over poop, but when your kid hasn't done #2 in 8 days you can go over the moon at the sight of it. Yeah for the poop dance! Then comes the inevitable well now I have to clean this all up...that is the less fun part. Luckily in the last several weeks of 7-8 days of not pooping followed by massive explosions, I have been lucky enough to not be the one the change that diaper. The babysitter got the first honors and daddy came in second- way to go mommy!
We, well rather I , have been having fun dressing up Xander in Halloweeny outfits. He only gets to wear them for such a short time and they are SO cute that I can't help myself, plus he looks pretty cute in orange. I am sad and pathetic but Gap was doing a casting call for cute baby/kids and I entered a picture of Xander. There were LOTS of really cute babies on there though so i am sure we have no chance of winning but there was a secret little thrill of saying hey I've got one cute kid and I'm going to try to cash in on it- that sentiment was quickly following by a horrendous sense of guilt that I was even thinking about cashing in on my kids adorableness but by then the deed had been done! Of course the really sad part about it all was that I found out about the casting call when I was shopping online at (Baby Gap is seriously addicting!). Actually I have developed an online shopping addiction over the last few days but I think after winning my last ebay auction I have kicked the habit! What is it about bidding in auctions that brings out the adrenaline- I swear i get heart palpitations sometimes, followed by the inevitable crash when I lose b/c I am too darn cheap! Ebay is for bargains right???????
Excuse the rambling post, it is now almost 5 am and I have been up for close to 24 hours and I still have to give report, change clothes, drive home, feed the baby and put away my lunch and pumped milk before I can fall into bed for 2-4 hours until Xander decides he has had enough "cuddle time" and he wants to play now mommy.... Sometimes working night shift sucks a**. TTFN.


JD said...

Hey, if you entered your kid into Gap's casting call you might want to try entering him in there are monthly prizes and the grand prize is a 25k college tuition scholarship (so you don't have to feel bad about cashing in on his cuteness...bc its for college!) They also post up the latest info about casting calls, so check that out!

erinna said...

Um, night shift always sucks.... and I make no excuses for the pics of Lily I am about to send in to Gap- hey, maybe it will mean that I can work less! Yeah, I know- pretty disgusting of me, huh? And Xander def stands a chance- he is one beautiful baby!!!!!