Friday, June 26, 2009

still trucking!

So here is our little man enjoying his lunch. I'm loving thefact that he is eating almost exclusively finger food these days. He tried to go for the silverwear (sp?) but that usually ends up being just a huge mess. But I got so tired of having to feed him every single meal and then he'd get all cranky cause he would want to do it himself- now he just gets yogurt fed to him and pretty much everything else is all him! whoo hoo. Today he was eating apple slices for the first time and he did well with no choking so we'll have to continue with those. He always suprises me with what he is able to eat. We've been trying to get him to eat more iron-rich things since he was a little anemic at his one year check up but he's not real keen on red meat, unless it's steak! or on eating green leafy veggies- broccoli got quite the face! Maybe we'll try some spinach, he he he.

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