Wednesday, January 20, 2010

James' four month appointment

James does not like getting shots! Boy was he po'd.... Xander used to cry but you could calm him down feed him but James was mad mad mad! Oh well he survived and he ate when we got home and now is safetly tucked in his crib for a nap. So he now weighs 15 lbs (54%) and is 24.25 in (approx he was very squirmy so it was hard to get an accurae measurement) also in. the 50th percentile. Other than some infant ezcema (like mother like son...) he is doing very well. Xander is going to be evaluated for speech by RISE- our local early intervention program b/c he isn't really talking all that much yet so we'll see how that goes.

Frank and I are looking at new siding and doors so if anyone has any good suggestions of companies and/or contractors please let me know b/c I got the first quote today and OUCH!

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Reba said...

hey whitney, great to talk to you today and looking forward to seeing you 3 next week! we have a local family company who did our windows and who will also someday do our siding and doors so i can't help you there. it will be hilarious seeing naomi and james together, they are pretty much the same size! :)