Monday, January 18, 2010

James is four months old!

My baby is getting so big! He is starting to do all those big baby things- roll over, sit up straight, play in his exersaucer, scoot across the floor, sleep through the night.... Now mind you I am not at all complaining about the sleeping part b/c he can be pretty cranky when he wants to and he wants to plenty! but it is just the time passing me by that has me somewhat nostalgic. I miss him being a tiny baby in some ways- even though it is exciting to see him grow and change and evolve from a baby into a boy it's sad to see those tiny baby days go by so quickly... I look at Xander now and honestly I don't remember him at four months and I know in a year I won't remember James this way anymore...

ps- insomia sucks!

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Reba said...

can't wait to see your big little boys :) i agree, the baby days go by way too quickly. how can naomi be almost 9 months old already! i still remember vividly the moments leading up to her birth, like they were just last month. and now she can crawl, and thinks she can walk, and is busily trying to pick apart the carpet with her new teeth...i better go...looking forward to having xander test my babyproofing skillz! i definitely could use some advance warning of what needs to be done before it's too late and naomi can actually walk.