Saturday, January 23, 2010

playing together

BTW for those of you who keep insisting that James is bigger than Alexander I would have you know that at 4 months Xander weighed 1 oz more then James and was taller! So James just looks bigger b/c he is a shorty like his mommy- poor little dude!
I love this pic of them playing together- they are both so seriously contemplating their own play but they are somehow still working together (oh yeah and it kept them both busy and quiet for about 10 minutes- party time...ok so really I just unloaded the dishwasher!)
I'm so glad that they get to have each other. I'm sure int he future there will plenty of times when the bickering and fighting will drive me to distractions but right now they just love each other so much. Xander could literally love James to death! Sometimes I have to just mop the mutual drool off their faces they've been loving each other so much. Soon James will be old enough to fight back a little and then we'll see. Right now I just think it is hilarious when Xander crys b/c he wants to hold James and we are taking too long to give him over.

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