Thursday, January 7, 2010

Swim class!

Hey I made it to 100 posts! pretty cool...

So Tues I took Xander to swim class at the YMCA. We dropped James off with Frank at work first(his office is practically next door to the Y) and then headed on over. Xander went to the child watch for an hour so I could take an exercise class (it kicked my butt and I am seriously sore now but I felt pretty good by the end of it). Anyway so after my class I picked him up and we headed to the dressing room to change into our suits- mistake #1. I got him all changed and the minute I had my shirt off to chnage into my suit he totally took off running. Mind oyu the family locker room doesn't actually have a door that shuts to it (who's brillant idea that was we'll never know..) it's just an open doorway so there I am trying to wiggle into my swim suit as fast as I can b/c Xander is escaping into the hallway. I got my top on and then ran after him and caught him just as he was heading down the stairs. Mistake #2 trying to put the rest o swimsuit on- apparently me changing without him running off was not going to be an option-although the second time I couldn't find him at first and I was starting to panic a bit when I realized he had my cell phone so I could hear the phone beeping as he pushed buttons...I finally tracked him down to the boys locker room, which was around the corner from the family locker room (also with no door...). Luckily there were no boys in there when I found him! So me all suited up, Xander all suited up we headed down to the pool.

So the swim instructer is going on and on about pool safety and easing the children into the water b/c they might be scared... meanwhile I am physically having to hold him back from jumping in. So we finally get into the pool and all the hassle of getting there was totally wiped away by the giant grin on his face when he realized he could kick around and float. He still isn't reall keen on floating on his back but he thought the noodle was the greatest thing ever and was also pretty intrigued with the kickboard. This class that he is in is really a water adjustment class than an actual swim class- to get the kids comfortable in the water but I think he is going to be ready for much more before long so hopefully she will be able to help us with kicking and paddling as well as just getting used to the water.

So after the 30 minutes of fun in the pool we were left with showering and getting redressed- another battle of sorts. I think it took us longer to get ready to go than the entire time we spent in the pool! Xander does not like the shower and then I stupidly forgot to bring the baby soap so both our eyes were burning but I was all sweaty and nasty from my exercise class so I had to soap off at least a little. Thankfully the shower room actually had a door! I'm not sure who was more tired after the whole thing- me or Xander. Anyway we finally got all dressed and ready to go so we went and picked up James, had lunch with Frank and headed home. luckily both boys fell asleep on the car ride home and we all had a nice long nap when we got home. But how sad is it that my entire day was taken up with a workout, swim class, lunch and a nap! By the time we got up from our nap I had to start on dinner...

Next week I have to work tues so Nan gets to take him to swim class- maybe he will be better behaved for her!

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