Friday, January 15, 2010


James almost rolled over today- he was so darned close. He made it literally 3/4 of the way to his belly from his back and then he got hung up on the leg of the floor gym. It won't be much longer.... In some ways I am happy that he is growing and changing but in others ways this is one of my favorite ages and I don't want it to pass by too fast. He is so interactive and talkative these days- smiling and cooing at you but if you put him down he stays!!!!! And they love to cuddle at this age- they just snuggle into you and are happily content to just sit in your lap and be held. As they get older they get so wiggly. I love it when Xander comes and voluntarily gives me cuddles but it doesn't happen that often and of as often as not a hug comes with some wrestling and head butting. James is still content to just snuggle in my arms and let me breathe in his happy baby smell.

So my mom ventured off to swim class and music class with the boys this week and everyone survived thank goodness. I think Xander must be a bit more unsure with my mom b/c she said he was quiet and stayed quietly in her arms during swim class... so either he was tired this week or he just likes to push my buttons! crazy little demon child that he is.... OR my mom could just blantantly be lying to me so I don't feel bad! Music class also went well according to mom and it must have been mostly ok b/c then she took the boys all the way back to Durham to go and visit Pop! The day before when she asked if I minded if she took them (b/c it meant they wouldn't get home till very late and with James and the breastfeeding that can sometimes be a challenge although he does seem to be getting better about taking a bottle) I told her she was more than welcome to take them wherever she wanted as long as she didn't complain to me afterwards! And all I got was glowing reports of how good they were so yeah for my good little boys! Of course we had to dynamnite Nan out of bed this morning so it must have been an exhausting day!

The nice thing about her takign the boys though was it meant that Frank and I got to hang out after work just the 2 of us. We were somewhat sad and pathetic and spent our quiet/alone time watching a movie, eating pizza, and going to bed early! Of course once James got home he decided he was hungry and wanted to play but he is bound to have nights when he doesn't sleep well. I'm working a lot this week- including days tues and wed hence the hanging out after work with my husband- it is kind of a novel concept for us- so thank goodness mom was able to come and babysit b/c I hate to consider the daycare bill if we didn't have her to help us out. Thanks You MOM!

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