Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rosy cheeks!

I love Xander's rosy cheeks in this picture. He had just gotten up from a nap and he was very excited to be held by his daddy! Mind you about 2 minutes after I took this picure he spit up all over himself! His shirt was dirty already's just more laundry (Daddy should know better than to squeeze him after he just had a belly full of milk!) He has taken to pulling himself up on everything recently. We had to lower the mattress in the crib and he isn't allowed to sleep in the cradle anymore b/c yesterday morning he fell out of it as he tried to climb over the side! Luckily he sort of slid down the side of the bed and landed on a pillow that had fallen on the floor so he was fine! I somehow didn't realize that in the pic on the right he stil had carrots all over his face. Apparently he doesn't like carrots all that much b/c he tends to just smear them all over his face whenever he eats! He had started with the sippy cup and does pretty well for the most part. He got it right into his mouth on the first try but I think he likes to chew on it more than he likes to suck! He quite enjoys his Veggie Booty though... he only gets about hald of each puff in his mouth though and the rest always seems to end up in his lap. The trials and tribulations of feeding a baby!


christina said...

wow it feels like you just had him and now he is pulling himself up... crazy!

Haley said...

Did you get him a sippy yet?