Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Family Photos

These are some photos from when we were in MO. Despite the circumstances it was nice to be able to see all the family again. Sadly I think it may be one of the last times that everyone is able to get together. I think they figured out that it was something like 10 years since all the family had been together. As the family grows we start to spread. We are spanning the country as it is is- although currently no one is abroad. Most of the family is still in MO we are in NH and several of Frank's cousins are in CA. Someday we will make it out that way to visit our many friends and family. So the photo above is Frank, me and the boys at the Fulton Memorial Garden. During the graveside service xander's patience had worn thin so we spent most of the time walking the gardens. James was asleep when we go there and Uncle Luke was holding him but then he woke with a vengeance! The photo to the right here is of Frank and all his paternal cousins. There are 13 of them total- which seemed like a lot to me (I have 2 paternal cousins...) but then I found out that on his mother's side he has 27 so 10 isn't really all that many! After the graveside service we went back to Hatton where the lovely ladies of the community put on a fabulous dinner. On the left you have our immediate family. Frank and his brother Luke in the back with Alexander, Myself, James and Grandpa Hadley in the middle and Frank's baby brother, Kurt (who is a mini 17 yr old clone of Frank- although Frank swears he didn't whine as much...) and Grandma Lynn in the front. These photos were all taken after the dinner in Hatton. Unfortunelty even though it wasn't really that dark in the room all of my photos came out rather gloomy- I guess I needed a stronger flash. So no people don't like like devils- it's the dreaded red-eye from my crumbly camera! Back to the right we have a photo of the whole family, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandchildren- all the offspring of Gladys and Hadley Linnenbringer! It's kinda hard to see everyone in this picture but you get the idea! And below is a picture of all the great grandchildren. What I think is funny about this one is how well Xander fits in! Everyone always looks at hima nd is like where did he come from...since Frank and I are so dark but really when you start looking deeper into the family he really looks like a Linnebringer to me! Just look at Shay holding him- they are second cousin and yet they look more alike than he and James do. The funny quirks of genetics....

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