Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yarn Along

So I have been busy working on Baby B's layette.  I finally finished the owlie sleep sack. It was an easy knit so I am honestly not sure why it took me so long- probably the 10 in of stockinette.  I got bored I think.  I used a slightly lighter weight yarn than the pattern called for but I didn't want to size up too much on the needles b/c I wanted it to actually be a cocoon and not a loose bag so hopefully Baby B isn't an enormous baby because this sack is definitely for a newborn. So right now my layette consists of an owlie hat, owlie sleep sack, an owlie milo, and a pair of longies.  I plan to make a pair of booties and then I am done!  I found out today that one of my co-workers is also having a baby boy so more fun boy things to knit.  I'm not sure what I am going to make for her- the baby is due in June. I like the owlie set but I might need to branch into something a bit different- maybe shorties and the XOXO milo.  Is the XOXO milo girly do you think?  I also volunteered to test a hat pattern for a fellow diva so I have to get cracking on that.  It is a cabled hat so my cable needle and I are going to be getting quite friendly I think! And in spare bits and moments I have been working on my prayer/remembrance shawl for baby Poppy one row at a time.  It's hard to believe that it has been six months since the miscarriage- in some ways it feels so much longer and so much shorter at the same time.

I just picked this book up from the library- Back to Pakistan.  I heard them talking about it on NPR awhile back and it sounded really interesting to me.  The one really nice thing about our library is that in their budget for new books is a portion set aside for books that patrons request and since the librarian and I have similar tastes in reading she will often purchase books that I request for the library and then I get first crack at them.  So it's like getting a brand new book for free =) I picked this up this morning so all I have managed to read is the preface but basically it is the story of a diplomat's wife who was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Pakistan in the 1960s and who returned to her village some 50 year later.  I often wonder what it would be like to return to my village in Senegal and see if anyone even remembers me!?!? So I am interested to read her account of returning 50 years later.

Come yarn along with us over at Ginny's place.


Mary Jo said...

Hi there.... visiting from Ginny's place today. I LOVE that adorable sleep sack. How beautiful. ;)

Jen said...

I love the sleep sack. I love anything with owls on it so I REALLY love this! So sweet!

PKJ said...

Wow, that book looks super interesting. I may have to look for it at my own library. and the sleep sack is very sweet.

Emily said...

The xoxo would be very nice. The sleep sack is adorable.

small + friendly said...

What a beautiful sleep sack, I love the color!

JNCL said...

The book looks really good--NPR rocks!--and I know what you mean about wanting to go back and see how things have changed. I spent a month in Kazakhstan in 2002, and I'd love to go back; I hear a lot of things are really different now.
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