Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yarn Along

Come and join us over at Ginny's place for our weekly yarn along.
I finished Imagine: How Creativity Works yesterday. It was a very interesting read but certainly not light.  I felt like it took me a long time to get through this because it wasn't quick reading.  I found myself reading certain parts over and over. The author uses lots of interesting anecdotes but it also makes you think- certainly about how we educate our children. I think that we all realize that school doesn't begin in kindergarten and I wonder if our current system of basing performance on tests and rote memorization is potentially detrimental to our kids rather than helping them. So if nothing else this book certainly encouraged me to just play more with my kids (and more seriously explore homeschooling or Montessori/Waldorf education for our kids).  

I'm still working on Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives: A Holistic Guide to Pregnancy.  Unfortunately it's due back at the library tomorrow and I have already renewed it once and it was from inter-library loan so it has to go back. I may have to actually purchase this book, gasp...  I have really been enjoying it though and the chapter on holistic pregnancy remedies may come in handy later on.

I am working on an owlie sleep sack for the new babe. It's about 80% done but then I got derailed doing some sewing for a Diva swap and I made each of the boys a new "fireman" t-shirt.  I also made a little lap tee for the baby to go with a pair of nb longies that I made- so cute!  I probably won't finish the sleep sack right away because I also cast on a pair of wondershorts to go with the t-shirt swap.  I'm on a deadline for those so I need to get cracking! I found some perfect buttons for my small things bonnet and I also need to finish up the leggings for my convertible bloomers (that I stared last June).  After I get that stuff cleaned up I'm planning on trying out the Eviepants AIO booties to make a pair to match the toasty sleeper I finished last week. I also just got the book Cutest Ever Baby Knits so there is plenty of inspiration there!  Too bad Xander's birthday party is next week and I am going to have to spend more major time cleaning before then... boo for decreased knitting time.

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