Tuesday, September 4, 2012

James' First Day of School

 James had his first day of preschool last Tuesday.  He was very excited to wear his big boy backpack and go to school like Xander.  He was slightly less excited when he realized that Xander and I were going to leave him at school by himself but he persevered. All in all he had a good day, well half day at least since his preschool is Tuesday through Thursday 8:45-11:45am.  It's hard to believe that at 2 my little man is old enough to be going to preschool but he will be 3 soon! The first day they worked on cutting paper into little tiny pieces- I got the evidence of it home in his backpack!  He even went pee on the potty while he was at school.  We had a few tears when I dropped him off the rest of the week but I anticipate soon enough he'll be like "see ya!"  Xander was thrilled to be going back to school and in fact threw a massive tantrum when I picked him up the first day because he didn't want to be picked up!

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