Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Maggie is 10 weeks old!

Maggie ten weeks old today.  We have had a nice week just getting used to being back at home.  Maggie's nose seems to have cleared up and with the decrease of green boogers we have seen a significant decrease in vomiting.  I really think that her stuffy nose was making her tummy upset. She is back to normal spitting up which is much easier to handle. Last night she even slept through the night!  So far that seems to be a one time occurrence but she has been sleeping for 5 hour stretches so I'm encouraged.  James was such a terrible sleeper that it would be nice to have a baby that sleeps. 
Xander loving on his sister
All in all Maggie is a really good baby.  She does get fussy in the evenings and gets gassy occasionally but really she only cries when she is hungry. She also cries when her brothers try to maul her but I think she is justified in that regard! They love her but sometimes we struggle with understanding that she isn't a doll or that we need to be gentle to her.  They are so used to wrestling with each other that they think they can wrestle with her too. She is getting so much more interactive as the days go on and the boys really enjoy the fact that they can talk to her and she will smile and coo back.  Hopefully that will last once she is big enough to steal their toys!

I'm reading The Catholic Home as recommended by Ginny. We attended a lecture at Frank's parent's church when we were there about Strong Catholic Families/Strong Catholic Youth. This is something that Frank and I have talked a lot about recently.  Being Catholic (or Christian) is more than attending Mass every Sunday and we want to model our faith for our children in a way that they can enjoy and engage in it rather than just being dragged to church every Sunday morning. So this advent season we are celebrating with a Jesse tree and the children each have their own advent calendars as well as a family calendar. It is really nice to sit around the table every night after dinner and listen to Frank read a story and then talk with the kids about the story.  I like having these very short daily conversations with them.  I'm a little behind because we haven't gotten the nativity out yet and we still have some (ok all) of our decorating to do but we are spending time as a family to do it and that it what is really important to us. I'd like to add in little celebrations throughout the year so we'll see what I learn from this book.

On the knitting front I continue to plug away at Maggie's blanket.  It was supposed to be a coming home blanket and then it morphed into a Christmas blanket but at this point I am hoping I finish it before she goes to school and doesn't need a blankie anymore. I go through sections quickly and then I don't seem to be able to find time to work on it for long periods of time so it is coming alone slowly.  It will be further delayed because my mother-in-law has requested a shawl for Christmas so as soon as I get the yarn (on it's way from Webs) I will start working on that. I also have this lovely sweater kit for Maggie that keeps calling my name so I may succumb to some knitting ADD.  I decided pretty much not to knit any gifts for Christmas this year with the baby and all so I'm happy not to be feeling the crunch!

Come yarn along with us over at Ginny's place.


Renee Anne said...

Little Man has been sick, too. His puking is from coughing so hard and being congested that it all just kind of sits there at night. Poor kiddo.

And the blanket...oh the memories of making a blanket. I started Little Man's blanket when I was pregnant with him. 18 months later, I finished it (except for weaving in the ends - which I still haven't done and he's 2 years old). He does get it on occasion but as it's 100% wool, it's not often. Usually when he's not sick.

And I love those chubby little cheeks.

momto5 said...

ok, that comment about it being maggies going to school blanket gave me a chuckle. lol
the blanket looks lovely. and so does that sweet wee babe of yours.

reba alice said...

maggie looks so much like you! was great talking to you tonight. i will have to try to call more often. we are having fun counting down with the advent calendar this year too! can you post a picture of a jesse tree? i don't know what that is. i guess i will see in a couple weeks anyway though. ;)