Friday, April 26, 2013

Maggie is 7 months old and she has teeth!

Can you believe she is 7 months old already?!?!?!? Because I am having a hard time with it. She is sitting up beautifully by herself, although still not really rolling over yet. I think soon she will be able to pull herself into a sitting position.  She certainly doesn't like to miss anything going around her. She has started to eat some solids. She really likes Gerber teething biscuits and anything she can hold onto herself.  She is not yet a huge fan of anything you try to feed her, although bananas do seem to be most favored. Today we are at CocoKeys in Fitchburg Ma.  It is an indoor waterpark and the boys are having a blast while Maggie chills with Nanny.

I must apologize about all the crummy iPhone pics but they are certainly convenient! Maggie enjoyed sitting on the table at Buffalo Wild Wings- salt and vinegar wings yum! In the big news of the week she cut her first tooth yesterday and her second tooth today so my big girl now has her front two bottom teeth!

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