Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Still waiting...

So as I predicted Vee went ahead and had her baby before me (she was due June20th)! A little girl named Ella- she looks adorable from her pics. Congrats Vee and Greg!

So we had our apt Tues- not much going on. In happy news I did have some bloody show and apparently lost my mucous plug so as signs of early labor go I guess that's something! I am a whopping fingertip dilated and only 25% effaced and the baby's head has not dropped so we have a little ways to go! The NST looked good though and amniotic fluid levels were fine so we're set till Friday when we have another NST scheduled. If no baby by monday we are scheduled to be induced, which I am not really looking forward to so hopefully labor will begin on it's own before then. I'm hopeful that will happen as I have been having mild contractions on and off all day- now they just need to pick up so we can get this show on the road!

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