Sunday, September 28, 2008

Teething isn't much fun!

So I am really annoyed with the computer right now b/c it just crashed internet explorer as I was clicking post after writing a nice long entry which I now have to try an recreate so if my annoyance shines through I apologize in advance!

Xander has started what can only be describes as teething behavior in the last few days. He's been trying to get his hands into his mouth now for a few weeks, as evidenced by the thumb sucking pic a few posts back, but now he trys to cram his fingers, my fingers, and pretty much anything else he can get his hands on into his mouth. Earlier today he was sitting in the swing and there is a little tray to prevent him from falling out which he grabbed onto and then bent himself practically in half so he chew on the plastic edge (see pic below). I don't mind the knawing so much but the drool... I am getting really tired of having to constantly change his outfits b/c he is completely soaked in drool. The streams of drool that he manages to produce are rather impressive.

In other news Cassie has been a very bad girl recently. She discovered that chickens made wonderful playthings and in the course of the last 24 hours has managed to kill 2, maim 1 to the point of death, and maim a 2nd but we think she'll survive. That leaves us with only 1 healthy chicken! The really frustrating part was that they were just getting to the point of laying. So yesterday morning we had 5 big fat healthy laying girls and now we have 1! She has become rather destructive of late- shredding dog beds and generally dragging trash all over the yard. Part of it I am sure is due to the lack of attention she has been getting since Xander arrived and her Beagle nature, but now with the chicken killing spree we are concerned about her around the animals in general. We can't have her running around killing our livestock, especially when we start having lambs. She is already chasing the calf but he is big enough to get away. Hopefully we can get things turned around so we don't have to get rid of her b/c that would make me very sad!

I have also included a pic of Xander's diaper laundry. I just love how the sheep are in the background looking at me like I am totally crazy for taking pictures of laundry drying on a line but there is just something so homey andpretty about all those CLEAN nappies flapping in the breeze. They just don't stay that way for long. Hopefully tomorrow will be sunny so I can dry this week's load. I hate drying them in the dryer b/c it takes so long and I feel like I am just wasting energy. Besides the sun has amazing bleaching properties!

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