Monday, September 1, 2008

4 Generations!

This photo is of Xander, Frank, Frank's father and Frank's grandfather - 4 generations of firstborn Linnenbringer sons. And to think I thought I was going to have a girl- what was I thinking!
This is a photo of Xander and his great-grandma Prinster, who is believed to be 96 years old, at Cousin Charlie Henke's wedding. If you thought Frank has a big family you should see the Henke crowd. We were at this wedding on Saturday and there were 300 people there and I think about 250 of them were family. Charlie has 7 brothers and sisters most of whom are married and have kids- heck I think we counted the nieces and nephews at 12. It was quite the party! Mary, Charlie's wife, looked beautiful though and her flower girl was simply adorable!
Next we have Xander, Frank, Frank's grandma Linnenbringer, and Frank's dad, Hadley. Grandma Linnenbringer is unfortunetly in rather poor health these days but she was in a good mood the day we took this photo. It so cool that Xander has 4 living great grandparents and we only hope and pray that they are still with us when Xander is old enough to remember them.

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