Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Xander's 6 month appointment

So last Friday Xander had his 6 month Dr appointment. He has caught up with his head circumference, although he still has a small head. Length wise he is now 26 inches tall so for now he can stay in his infant carseat but not for much longer- it's good up to 26 inches! Luckily I already got a new carseat for my car and my mom had gotten one for Frank's car awhile ago. Weight wise however he fell off his growth chart...he is a little over 16 lbs now. The scale at the dr's office is in decimal points so I am not sure exactly how many ozs over 16 lbs. He had gained weight since I took him in for his rash though so that is a good thing. The Dr said he looked very healthy but we'd need to keep an eye on his weight. I think he is just his father's son- skin and bones until he turned 30! He's so busy all the time now and eating is just not a priority for him! We've been working on adding solid foods to his diet but so far he's really not that interested. He hasn't quite figured out that he needs to open his mouth in order for us to put food in. Usually he needs an entire outfit change post- eating. He's doing better yesterday and today though- my mom was watching him today and she said he ate pretty well! I wanted to avoid starting fruits until he had the veggies down better (trying to avoid too much sweet stuff) but I finally gave in and offered him bananas just to try to get him to eat. He's been waking up a lot at night to eat recently so I hope he starts to get some extra calories from solids so I can get some sleep! We have to go back to the Dr in a month for a weight check. He has also developed baby exczema. I'm hoping that it is just remnants of the rash that he had a few weeks ago lingering, but the dr said tha some of the spots on his leg looked exczema like and given the family hx- poor little guy is doomed. I am sure that his dry skin isn't being helped by the constant dry air caused by the wood furnace though. I need to invest in a couple of dehumdifiers for the house. Other than that he is loving hisnew daycare arrangement. I think he really enjoys the stimulation of the other children and they love him! This week though he gets to spend some quality time with Ninny who is staying with us so she can babysit for my work days this week. I'll add some pics when i find my camera- it's buried in the diaper bag somewhere...think I need a smaller diaper bag?!? but then where would I put all his cloth dipes, LOL. PS- check out what Cassie did to Xander's paci- she seems to really like them!

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