Sunday, April 18, 2010

James is seven months old!

I'll take pics later today and post but can you believe that my baby is 7 months old already! He is sitting up, army crawling, eating real food, and babbling like a big boy! Time just flies- especially the last couple months. Here's hoping he continues sleeping as well as he has been b/c that has been nice! So getting a cute pic of him on his birthday was quite the challenge! In the morning all I got were pics like on the right but I finally got a remotely nice one in the afternoon! He's being such a goober recently... totally fine as long as he is being held and a whiny, screaming monster the minute you put him down. And I don't mean fussing a little- we're talking blood curdling screaming! Oh well- hopefully it is just a phase and if it isn't I guess I will become acustomed to the screaming!

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Reba said...

happy 7 months birthday james! it was so great to see you all the other day. can't wait to see you all next weekend too. when are your days off in may? do you have any wednesdays off?