Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring has arrived....we hope

I'm hoping that spring has finally sprung here in NH. We've had some lovely days and some pretty nasty rainy ones but it seems like slowly the nicer days are outweighing the yuckies. I've planted the tomatoes and the broccoli and we've let the chickies start venturing outside so it must be spring right?
I think most of you know by now but Frank was laid off at the end of March so any good job ideas send them our way. I think for the moment he is enjoying a little time off but realizing at the same time that he actually isn't really getting all that much time off with the boys around! I've been very busy at work- trying to pick up some extra time and dealing with the launching of our new computerized charting system. So I need to get some more pics of the boys but that would require me to actually get some of my old pics off the darn camera!

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Reba said...

make frank upload the pictures and maybe even post them ;) if i think of anything i'll let you know. check the colby alumni network to see if there are any alums in his field in your area. can't wait to see you all weds.