Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's over!!!!!

My IBCLE is finally behind me- whooo! I celebrated this morning by going to a chocolate factory- he he he! It went fairly well. It wasn't as hard as I was expecting and while I by no means aced it I think I did ok. I won't find out whether I passed or not till the end of October so for the time being I am just putting it behind me!

I did finish up a bit early yesterday afternoon so I went to the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. I took the factory tour which was interesting despite the absolutely terrible tour guide. Then I splurged and got the boys each a bear. They have a lifetime warranty so they can trash the heck out of them! Xander got a honey bear with blue eyes and a blue bow tie and James got a black bear with brown eyes and a red bow tie. I may save them for their Christmas presents though- or maybe James' birthday.... Then I met Frank back at the hotel and we headed over to Sam Mazza's for a picnic dinner with people from Frank's conference. It was fun- good food and good conversation what more could you want!

This morning I slept in a bit- till 8:30! and then I went to the Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory Store. This stuff was to die for. It is really good chocolate and b/c I went on the factory tour I got plenty of free samples!!!! What a nice way to start the day. Now I am back at the hotel getting some stuff together so I can meet up with one of my fellow divas. So I better get my stuff together before she gets here!!!


Emily said...

Congrats on taking your IBCLE exam! I am sure you passed :) Now to breathe and relax for the next few months and it sounds like you started to.. yum Chocolate!

Reba said...

glad it's over...enjoy yourself!