Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yarn Along

So since the studying is behind me I have focused on fun reading! I really enjoyed this book The Help. I got it at Borders in Burlington b/c they are going out of business so everything is on sale. Frank and I spent WAY too much money on books but we got some really useful books about farming and knitting and crocheting, plus a few fun books for ourselves and the kids. So I'll have plenty to write about as I read through our new stash. Anyway back to The Help; I enjoyed it very much and it was an interesting change to read about the civil rights movement through the eyes of women and servants. I was truly amazed at how different and complex their relationships were. The whole part about wanting the black servants to have a separate toilet but yet the white ladies were perfectly content to eat the food they cooked and have them watch their children. It's just very interesting.

Heat Wave I read because Castle is one of my favorite tv shows. I think I'll stick with the tv show. The book was fine- a quick easy mystery read but certainly nothing special.

As for my knitting I finished up the first part of a pair of glove/mittens for myself. They are from this pattern. The fingers were way more a pain than I was expecting so my goal had been to have them finished in time for the fair. I didn't get as much knitting done as I had planned so they were not nearly ready in time this year. We're heading to the fair this afternoon so I get to find out how I did. I only entered things into the needlework division this year- I skipped canning and cooking b/c last year was such a disappointment that I didn't feel like it was worth my time. I take real pride and enjoyment in my needlework- both knitting and sewing so I feel confident that I won't be terribly disappointed. Plus by exhibiting in the fair I get to purchase a discounted exhibitor pass. As long as I can make $15 in prize money I recoup all my costs of going to the fair and since the prize money is $5/$3/$2 per category and I entered 9 things I'm hoping I win enough ribbons to recoup my $15! I submitted the quilt below as well:


Anonymous said...

Oh The Help. I really liked that book but don't want to see the movie - they'll probably ruin it.

Emily said...

Good luck at the fair! Your quilt is beautiful.

Seeing the previews for The Help has led me to want to read the book. I'll have to pick it up!

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