Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Great Bedroom Reno begins...

August 7th, Day 1: I wish I had thought to take more pictures before we moved the furniture out b/c then you could have seen what a junk heap our room truly was! Anyway we, well let's be honest, I have been planning on redoing our bedroom for awhile now- like more than a year... There have been some things going on in our life recently that have been pretty hard for me, things that I am not ready to quite talk about here yet but the story will come out soon enough I am sure. But emotionally I have really been struggling recently so I decided with the last few days of my vacation looming before me that I wanted, no needed, to do something for myself that I have been wanting to do for a long time. So while browbeating Frank into helping me the bedroom reno has begun. We got a late start tonight but we managed to get all the furniture moved out. The bed has been relocated to the guest room where we will sleep until the reno is finsihed and our dressers have been relocated next door to the living room- ah the joys of having all your clothing at the mercy of you toddlers-yikes!

August 8th, Day 2: Today was a pretty good productive day. I got all the trim pieces taken off and all the nails banged out. The chair rail came down and didn't completely destroy the wall so that's a bonus. I got the wallpaper border completely stripped off and all the furniture, pictures,mirrors, lighting etc is off the walls and out of the way. My plan is to hit Home Depot this evening and buy paint and look at flooring.

August 9th, Day 3; Not such a productive day today. I had a meeting in the morning in Keene so I would have gotten off to a late start anyway but then I had some car trouble so I had to drop the car off to be fixed on the way home and then since I was at the dealership I just had to test drive a brand new 2012 GMC Acadia (I'm in love...) ad then wait for Frank to give me a ride home. Yesterday I had forgotten to buy spackle so then I had to run to the hardware store to buy spackle. Needless to say I didn't get that much done. Most everything is spackled and half the room is primed but I can't prime the rest of the room until the spackle dries and I can sand it a bit. I did get one of the windowsills sanded down and refinished though. Frank and I are still debating flooring but I think we have it narrows down now.

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