Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reno continued

August 10th, Day 4: Well it may not look like it yet but I swear that progress has been made- really it has! I got slowed down today when I stepped off the stepladder and tripped spilling a bucket of paint. It wasn't the spill so much that was the problem since I don't care about the carpet; more it was the fact that can landed upright and splashed a fountain of paint all over the closet doors that then had to be scrubbed off. It took forever and I am coated in paint- even my eyebrows! The ceiling is done and 1/2 the room is completely primed and ready for color. The windowsill got another coat of varnish and all the spackle was sanded, washed down and coated with primer. I need to let this coat of primer dry and then 1/2 the room is going to need it's second coat. But I should be ready for color by tonight. In the meantime I need to work on getting the closet cleaned out! But I thought I would wait until the paint next to the closet door wasn't fresh, fresh. The plan is to hit Home Depot again tonight to make a final decision about flooring and get that ready to go as soon as I am done painting.

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