Wednesday, September 28, 2011

James' Birthday Party

Well these are belated photos from James' birthday but you get the idea! Sunday September 18th James turned 2 years old! I'm still in shock... We had a nice quiet morning that day. Presents in bed with mommy and daddy and then breakfast. The boys went to church while mommy went on a last minutes cleaning rampage! After church they picked up the deli platters and cake from the local store and then came home and chased naughty sheep that had gotten out of their pen and gone to visit the neighbors. We had a terrible time getting them down for naps b/c they were so excited about the party! Xander was beside himself about the cake and the fact that he had gone to go help daddy pick it up. This is the first year that my friend M has been unable to make the cake for one of the boys birthdays so we had to settle for store-bought cake. It came out cute enough but surely not as creative or tasty as M would have come up with but alas work does so often get in the way of these things! I was just thrilled to discover I could order deli platters and the cake from the local store here in Winchester because not having to drive to Keene that morning was a great time-saver! Anyway we finally got them both down for naps but poor Xander ended up sleeping most of the party because he had gone down for his nap so late- he made up for it though!

This year James had a cowboy themed party. I figured I was going to chose his theme while he is too young to have a say. By next year I am sure he will have an opinion- we may be stuck with tractor parties for the foreseeable future! James got lots of wonderful presents but I think that this tractor was probably the favorite (way to go E and co.... can you tell she has 2 boys!), other favorites included a hellophone(James loves listening to me saying "I Love you James" over and over and over again!), the hammer/ball tower- although we have already lost 2 of the balls somewhere in the living room, and last but certainly not least another bouncy cow. Thanks for all the fantastic presents everyone. I can now say with certainty that my children have WAY too many toys!

So along with the cowboy themed party came cowboy hat party favors. My boys have certainly enjoyed playing with them so we call them a hit! The sheriff's badges were more of a bust- too hard to pin on- but the boys have fun with their hats and boots and bandannas tied around their necks. We also had a little craft table in the sun room where the kids could string cowboy themed beads into necklaces, bracelets, hatbands etc. Thank you Riley for all your help with the kids and beads- it could have been a disaster but was fun for most I think.

So in a nutshell there you have it. Food, drink, cake, presents, lots of kiddos running around, crafts, and a beautiful fall day all led to a all around great birthday party for my "baby" boy!

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Emily said...

Looks like it was all fun! Happy belated birthday James!