Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Xander's First Day of School!

Today Xander started school! Can you believe my baby is old enough to be in school- even preschool?!?!?!?!?! Technically he would have been eligible to start last May when he turned 3 but we decided it was silly to start him 2 weeks before the end of school so today he went for his first day of preschool. He was mostly excited about riding the bus but mommy was mean and took him to school this morning. James and I dropped him off at his classroom where he had about 1 minute of nervousness when one of the teachers greeted him rather enthusiastically but he quickly overcame. We found his cubby and took off his jacket and hung up his backpack and then headed back into the classroom and he took off to go play with the other kids. I had to call him back to come and give me a kiss and then he was like "see ya, bye". So much for him being shy! Last week we went to preschool testing and then the open house so he had been to the classroom several times and he has met his teacher several times as well so he was familiar with the whole set up which I am sure helped. I know several of the other parents in the class (mostly because I was there when these kiddos were born...) and also through daycare so he knows some of the other kids in the class.

He rode the school bus home which was the highlight of his day, along with playing on the playground. The noontime bus is a little bus so his only complaint was that he wanted to ride the big bus! Mommy isn't quite sure she is ready for the big bus but we are going to give it a go tomorrow morning! I think the bus will pick him up around 8:20 in the morning and he gets home from school about 12:15. His teacher's note from today said he played well with others and joined in in circle time and "didn't seem at all nervous." So all in all his first day seemed to be a great success. We'll see how he feels when he has to go back every day- right now the newness of it all is exciting.