Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crazy weekend...

The Joys of Brotherly Love!
It's been a totally crazy weekend. We have been getting ready for some more major house renovations.   We finally have been redoing the playroom into a big boy room for James.  The carpet in there was really gross so it is such a relief to finally get it out! I finally got the room and closet all painted and ready to go in that respect.  The room was smelled so much better with fresh paint and that carpet gone but then we decided that the sub flooring really needed to be sealed as well to prevent any odor from escaping.  So then I had to get the floor painted in time for it to be dry by Monday. Pressure much... Once the new floor goes in we have a lot of finishing work to do- new outlets, light sockets, putting trim and baseboards back up, but then I get to decorate!

To make the weekend ever better, James woke up from his nap Saturday afternoon puking his guts up. Xander then followed that evening. So Saturday night was spent with one kid or the other barfing all night long. Fun times... So in the midst of puking kids, we still had to get the upstairs hallway and the living room cleaned out of all furniture and stuff so that the floors can be refinished this week. We managed to get it all except the T.V. before we collapsed in exhaustion. Luckily James seems completely better this evening and although Xander still has a fever and is super whiny he hasn't thrown up since the middle of the night. Since we are supposed to be going to my mother's tomorrow I am very glad the throwing up seems mostly over. Honestly I wouldn't postpone the trip to my  mother's but I need to get the kids out of here so the workers can refinish the floors. So like 15 loads of laundry later we are finally packed and I am ready to get out here first thing in the morning for a fun week at Nan's house.

PS: These photos are from Valentine's Day. Are my babies cute or what!


Renee Anne said...

That barfy icky thing seems to be going around. Little Man got it last Sunday so we wound up in the hospital with an IV in him (short version: he has a metabolic disorder that could kill him if he doesn't eat so, since he was throwing up everything, we had to get an IV).

Then he was a nice and loving boy who shared with his mama. So then I had it for a couple days.

We're all pretty much back to normal, thankfully :)

christina said...

G hasnt had the stomach bug before - fingers crossed! Its going around in Maryland too. The boys are ADORABLE!