Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yarn Along

Baby B's Layette all done!
The infamous, ginormous, never-ending booties are finally done! Mind you they are supposed to be part of an infant layette- everything else is about a 6 months size- and these are currently modeled on my 2 year old wearing a size 7. Oh well- you can't win them all.  They have a little tie around the ankle so my friend can just cinch them really tight, right? They are really cute even if the size is way off.  But with the finishing of the booties that means that the entire layette is now finally finished as well.  What a good feeling.  I can't wait to give it to her.  Now I have to just decide when that will be....

Since I finished the layette I have been a little bit at loose ends at what to do next knitting wise.  I started a shawl for myself a while back so I have been working on that little bit at a time.  I'm supposed to be working on a tester hat for a fellow diva but it a very detailed, cabled pattern and I haven't had a chance without toddler running around to really sit down and knock it out.  It's difficult for me to do more complicated patterns when I am supposedly supervising my kids. I figure I will have time to work on it next week when we are visiting my mom for school vacation. So in the meantime I guess I will just work on my shawl.  I have several other friends who are expecting so I see many more baby gifts in my future!

Reading wise I am still on the same book, in the same place I was last week so nothing much to report.  We have been reading nursery rhymes with the kids in order to reinforce what they have been working on at school.  Xander amazes me with his ability to memorize these things after hearing them only once or twice and James has even been "reading" along with us.  I love listening to the way they change the stories slightly in their own renditions- so cute! Xander especially likes it when I sing them to him so I have sung countless verses of "Mary had a little lamb" and "Lavender's Blue" over the last week.

I made good progress on painting in James' room (hence the lack of reading) so the room is all done except touch-ups around the edges.  The closet in only about 1/2 done so that has to be finished and then we have to empty the living room of furniture this weekend in prep for the floor refinishing that will be going on next week while the kids and I are at my mother's. We have SO much to do- it is going to be a busy week!

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Victoria said...

The layette is beautiful! I'm sure your friend will love it! I adore how those owl cables look!

I'm the same way about avoiding complicated knits when my little one is around. I think that's why I frequently seem to have two projects on needles at a time: one to knit when he's in the room that is pretty simple, and something more complicated for when I'm sans bebe!

The Barefoot Crofter said...

Dropping by from Yarn Along.What a beautiful layette - I love those denim look longies. Not much reading time here either.
I have a son called James too. x

Renee Anne said...

Love the layette!

I know what you mean about finding time to knit complicated things...I've been testing a hat for someone for a few weeks now and I'm only through the first pattern repeat. It's not overly difficult but if I stop in the middle of a round, I have difficult picking it back up.

Such is life.

Tracey said...

The layette is beautiful and I think it's fine that the booties are bigger, that way your friend can get more use out of them. Childrens feet do nothing but grow!

JNCL said...

Just simply gorgeous layette. Makes me jealous. :D
The Beauty of Eclecticism

Faking being a housewife said...

I love the milo vest