Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lessons learned...so far!

So I've been thinking about the things that motherhood has taught me and I have come up with a few pearls of wisdom.
1. If a friend has a baby bring them food! Forget the clothes or cute toys, food is the most appreciated gift.
2. Don't forget to eat- something I seem to be good at.
3. Take care of yourself too. You can't take care of the baby if you are too run down.
4. Even if it is hard, ask for help- it's ok not to be supermom. That's what dads and grandmoms are for!
5. Just because I am pedi nurse doesn't mean I know jack squat about babies. I've never had to take one home before and everything is different when it is your own child.
6. Make time to take a shower every day, otherwise you feel gross!
7. Take a lot of pictures b/c time goes by really fast!
8. Don't forget about the daddy- at least make time to cuddle a little every day.

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