Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our son is a little pig!

This has been a week of many first for little Xander! Today his umbilical cord stump fell off so now he has a real belly button- well it is still a little pink and moist but hey it doesn't have a dried up stump hanging off it! I am so excited to give him his first real bath!

Yesterday he got circumcised- poor little man! We dropped him off with the Dr and then fled to the cafeteria b/c I couldn't stand to be there while he got whacked. Apparently he did very well and afterwards he ate and fell sound asleep (hence the photo of him sleeping on Frank's chest) so obviously he wasn't too bothered by it.

This morning we took him for his 2 week checkup and he weighed over 8 lbs! Hence the little pig... I guess he must be getting enough to eat seeing as he has gained a whole pound since he came home from the hospital. Speaking of food the little man has woken up screaming bloody murder so I guess I had better go feed him!

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Reba said...

i'm glad to see your little man is doing so well :)