Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh how I love Halloween!

I just have to say that I think Halloween is my favorite holiday. It is such a fun excuse to dress up and get crazy and when you have an adorable little man to dress up too - what more could you ask for! We had a very fun halloween party at the house this year complete with a pinata, arts & crafts, a ton of food, apple bobbing(which mostly seemed like an excuse for the kids to get wet!), and decorate your own cupcakes (a big hit thanks to the awesome homemade chocolate frosting by Melissa- thanks Melissa!). Xander had multiple halloween costumes (along with multiple halloween outfits which I was sad to retire but now we have Thanksgiving outfits...he he he). So here he is as a lion, a corn on the cob (my personal fav) and of course wearing his baby scrubs. The baby scrubs are a little obscured by the bib so we will have to wear those again so he can be appropriately photographed for mommy's locker at work!

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