Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our little man...

is apparently truly a little man! He had his 9 month well child visit yesterday and weighed in at a whopping 17.5 lbs, 27 in long and head circumference of 17.5 inches. That puts him in >5% for weight, 8% for height and 25% for head size. What a peanut! Of course when we went in for his visit he had a fever, so I asked them to check his ears and sure enough he has an ear infection. The Dr said that it wasn't bad but there was quite a bit of fluid there. Normally he wouldn't treat him but seeing as he has only gained a lb in the last 3 months he wanted to see if we could clear his ears up and perhaps that would encourage him to eat/sleep better. I think he is just too darn busy to gain weight! He is either sleeping or on the move- nothing in between! So here with go with the abx again. Hopefully this time they won't give him diarrhea b/c that isn't going to help him gain weight! He started on multivitamins too. We go back to the dr in 2 weeks for a weight check and then again in 6 weeks to have his ears rechecked and if that all looks good back again at 12 months.

Developmentally though he is ahead of the curve in most aspects.


Mary and Jason said...

Hi Whitney! I love seeing news about your little guy- sorry to hear about his ear infection. Our son had a ton of ear infections and was on antibiotics for most of them. We noticed his digestive system didn't get as messed up if we gave him probiotics when he was on the meds. Just a thought in case it might help your babe as well.
All the best,
Mary (Larios) Gatlin

Reba said...

Let's fatten that little boy up! What can we feed him this weekend? I hope his ears feel better soon. I used to get a ton of ear infections when I was little and had tubes put in my ears to help drain all the fluid. Can't wait to see you guys!