Thursday, March 5, 2009

Xander is 9 months old!

Where has the time flown? I was supposed to have new stats to give you all but Xander's dr had to reschedule his appointment so now we don't get to go for another 3 weeks. Oh well... Somehow in this picture though my little peanut looks like a total chub! so cute.... Don't you just live the fro? I have no idea what caused his hair to stick up like that but it was adorable. He crawling like a maniac- I can't believe he has been crawling for a whole month- it seems like just a few days ago. He is also cruising like crazy. We finally got the baby gates up on the stairs so we can prevent the climbing. Recently he has been working on squatting and letting go while crusing- he had managed to stay aloft for a whole 30-45sec before he has to grab on again. And he cut his 2nd tooth! It's the front bottom right one- so now he has his 2 front bottom teeth. You can only see them when he smiles really big b/c otherwise they are hiding under his tongue. He has been doing a lot of tongue sucking since we got rid of the pacis. In fact his tongue seems to be permanently protruding from his mouth!

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Reba said...

What a cutie!
Sorry I missed your call today; I was on a conference call with work. It's surprising how hard I actually work given that I'm "resting" all the time!