Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Xander is 10 months old!

and yesterday on his 10 month birthday he started walking! There is something about his birthday that leads to his hitting developmental milestones so I am a little afraid to see what 12 months will bring! He is such a little peanut it is hilarious to watch him otddle around. I am so bummed that I wasn't able to get it on video but he just wasn't cooperating with the camera last night. I am sure we'll get shots of him soon though! The funny thing was that he started walking while we were out at girl's night so poor Frank missed it, but he obliged by showing off his new skill to daddy as soon as we got home.

It's going to be a very busy couple a weeks. In sad news Frank's Grandmother Linnenbringer died on Friday after a long illness. So we are heading to MO tomorrow for the funeral. Not exactly how I wanted to see Frank's family again but it will be nice to see everyone. We come back from MO on Sat morning and then I have to work sat, sun, tues, and wed nights before we leave Fri to head off to Hawaii for a week. 4 plane trips in 2 weeks will be quite intersting with a 10 month old! The thing I am looking forward to the least is the packing, unpacking, and packing again that will have to happen in the next week. I hate laundry! In some ways it is good that I am a planner b/c I have most of our HI stuff set aside so it should be pretyy easy to just chuck it all into the suitcases. It's all of Xander's stuff that is a pain. Babies require so much planning, especially now that he is eating- but not eating big people food yet!
Oh and his other big thing these days is clapping and giving hi-5s. Here he is at girl's night sitting in Amy's lap clapping away. Amy's daughter Taelor is in the background.

Well hopefully my next update will contain lots of pictures of up enjoying the beautiful Hawaiian weather! Aloha..........

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Reba said...

Congrats on Xander walking!! Jeff and I were talking after you guys left about how we thought he would walk very soon. Like I said in my email....is he driving yet?? Maybe that's what's in store for his 1-year birthday. ;) Have fun in Hawaii and i'm sorry about Frank's grandmother.