Sunday, August 9, 2009

Adding to the menagerie!

Well the menagerie..uuu huumm, I mean Farm.. has had several new additions over the past few weeks. First there were the ducks, then the geese, then the chickens, and most recently 2 new cows- well actually a cow and a heifer if you want to be precise. So we are now the proud owners of 4 sheep- 2 ewes named tasty and yummy (really they need some new names but since you can't really tell them apart...we haven't yet bothered) and 2 ram lambs named Shish and Bob (as in shish kebob...I know we have very morbid naming tendencies...). 4 muscovy ducks- we think 3 females and a drake (we hope...) as yet unnamed. A goose and a gander named MJ and Grimm (MJ is short for Mother Goose but Frank decided that MG sounded weird so MJ it became...). 7 chickens I think- 3 Rhode Island Reds and some red Stars who currently number 4 but as they are free ranging they have a tendnecy to become coyote food...chicken juts don't seem to do all that well on our place. And then there is the herd... At the moment we have Bert the Bull visitng with hope of actaully having calves next year. Then there are Fame and Linny- 2 sweet little borwn swiss heifers that are the property of 2 4Hers boarding at our place. And our 4- Molly the milking shorthorn and her calf Butch- who is the youngest yet biggest cow we have- helps that he is steer. He'll make some yummy steak next spring! And the 2 new girls Lucy and Effie- another cow/calf combo we picked up this weekend. They are Jersey girls and despite their horns are very sweet looking. Lucy is a good girl, Effie not so much. She needs some people time b/c at the moment she isn't the friendliest cow on the planet! I wanted to rename her but Frank thought Effie was appropriate b/c he called her an f-ing PITA! Someday I need to get out in the field and take some photos of Xander and the animals b/c he is so cute with them. Frank said today he was out with the rams and he walked up to them reaching out his hand and said hi, hi, hi and then baaaed! How adorable. Bob even let X pet him- he won't let us pet him! He has finally started distinguishing his animals sounds though- at first he just baaed at everything but now he appropriately baas at the sheep and moos at the cows- well it's really more of a maa instead of a moo but you get the idea! He adores all his animals- he's going to be a real farm boy like his daddy!

Oh and I think we finally have come up with a name for the farm.... Baobab Acres. We're still testing it out but so far I think we might actually be in agreement. Now all we need to do is find a name for the baby!

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Reba said...

My last 4-H cow was a Jersey named Lucie! (Same name, different spelling.) She had a lot of white all over her...not fun to clean for shows! I used to board at a farm near our house, too. I like the farm name but how do you say it? Hey are you still using exclusively cloth diapers for baby #2? I have a bunch of extra Size 1 Pampers Swaddlers...we gave up trying to squeeze Peanut into them this weekend. I might donate them to a women's shelter but if you want some, they're yours.