Thursday, August 27, 2009


There are times when I wonder what life would have been like if Frank and I had stayed in the city- surely it would be very different, not better not worse but different. But it is nights like tonight when I am truly grateful that we made the decision to move back to the "country." We have managed to find such a nice community of friends and neighbors here who last night threw me a surprise baby shower! It was so sweet. I felt like such a dumb ass walking in and being like ooh a baby shower..OMG it's for me! I totally didn't get it at first! So yes ladies I was very surprised! So despite the fact that she can be a HOLY terror most of the time I guess we have Cassie to thank for dissapearing into Lynn and Bruce's general direction and Lynn just happening to be out on her porch with Molly when Frank went looking for her and striking up a conversation with him and for Jen being such a wonderful extrovert that she looked us up and invited us over that same night! Thank goodness for coincidences..and runaway dogs! I'm so glad that my children will have such a wonderful community of neighbors to grow up in!

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Reba said...

yay! i'm so glad you were surprised! sorry i couldn't be there...stupid work nights. stupid work in general. i'd like to come see you sometime. probably a friday since that's my day off. i'll call soon. post a pic, would you?? :)