Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Six Flags

So Monday we went to Six Flags with my mom and Riley and Connor. At first I thought that Xander would be bored and he wouldn't have too much fun but in all honestly I think that he had more fun than Frank and I combined. He actually started crying when we had to get off the first ride- luckily there was no line so we just got right back on! Technically I am not supposed to go on any of the rides- including the kiddie rides- a fact that I ignored a few times but I did have some issues with the belly actually fitting in some of the rides. We did the Route 66 cars and I almost didn't fit behind the steering wheel and obviously Xander couldn't drive! But I had a good time even though I couldn't ride many rides. We went to several of the shows and we spent a good part of the afternoon swimming in the water park. Xander discovered splashing and boy did he have fun! I was a little concerned about him and the water b/c other than his bath which he loves he hasn't shown much interest in the pool/lake/swimming idea. On one of the few very hot days we have had this summer I set up the kiddie pool in the backyard thinking he would enjoy cooling off but all he did was scream bloody murder. Apparently it just wasn't hot enough b/c he went right into the pool at Six Flags and splashed and frolicked and even let me swish him around through the water. He wasn't too excited about floating on his back but other than that he enjoyed himself. It was nice going with thte big kids though b/c it meant that Frank had someone to ride the big rides with and also that I didn't have to be alone with Xan all day. All in all we had a nice day I think. It was the end to a very busy weekend though b/c we went to the Cheshire Fair thurs, fri, sat and sun and then to Six Flags on Mon! I am ready to just stay ayt home for a bit!

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Reba said...

glad xander likes rides!! i can't wait to take naomi to 6 flags someday.