Friday, September 4, 2009

Picture Heavy!!!!!!

Xander and I were playing outside the other day and I got some lovely pics of him so I promised I'd share! He was having way too much fun climbing all over the mower of the tractor. Of course as soon as I brought the camera out he decided that he needed to come and try to steal it out of my hand! Plus some photos of the menagerie!

The as yet unrenamed ewes- tasty and yummy just don't seem to work well as names when you keep them as pets!

Xander and Cassie- Xan was being such a good boy and being so gentle and Cassie almost crawled into his lap- she was loving all the attention!

Xander helping mommy pick zucchini- the poor zuke did make it into the house but it had plenty of bruises!


Shish and Bob

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Reba said...

adorable pics and beautiful animals!