Friday, September 25, 2009

James is one week old!

Our newest little man is one week old today- it just doesn't seem possible! He went to the Dr yesterday for a weight check. He weighs 8lbs 6 oz, which is up 4 oz from his hospital discharge weight so we know the little piggy is eating well! They measured him at 20.25 inches so either he grew a whole bunch or he was really a little longer when he was born- he doesn't like to stretch out his legs very much so... He is still jaundiced but it seems to be resolving on its own and he is doing a lot of peeing and pooping so no light therapy or further testing needed- thank goodness! Today he went back to the hospital for his circumcision- poor little dude! But he tolerated it very well- he actually only cried when they strapped his legs down and has been passed out every since. I've had to wake him up to eat!

Recovery has been slow for me- a lot slower than with Alexander but I didn't have a 15 month old running around when X was born... The bleeding has finally slowed down after a 3 day course of methergine so hopefully not bleeding will help me regain some energy. I've just been very tired and sore and achy all over! But in happy news I've already lost 20 lbs of my pregnancy weight so it just goes to show you how much water your body is capable of retaining!

I posted more pics on facebook!

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Reba said...

i'm glad you're starting to feel better. did they tell you why you were bleeding like that? i can't wait to see more pics. i am feeling better. i guess i just had a 24-hour bug. our reno is taking longer (of course) so we're moving to another hotel tomorrow. fun. naomi's still not eating much. i got her 2 cloth diapers to try...forget what they're called, fuzzy bunny and bum bum or something? i probably would never use all cloth but i think using a few is better than none.