Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Xander's 15 month appointment!

So Fri I took Xander to the dr for his 15 month well-child visit. I feel like such a boob when the dr asks me if I have any questions and I'm like, huh no should I? I guess I feel like he is doing well and growing etc etc so what do I need to ask about... of course as soon as I leave the dr office I always think of 15 things I should have probably asked- oh well! So the peanut now weighs 21.2 lbs and is 30.5 in long- which puts him in the 8th % for weight and the 30thish % for height so he is a peanut but not a shrimp! And his head is growing like it should. My mom is here visiting and baysitting and she brought with her a memory book that May's daycare did for her last year- such a cute and sweet idea! But they took her measurements at the beginning of the last school year and I thought it was interesting to see that she and Xander were almost the exact same size at the same age- she weighed .4lbs more and was 1/2 in shorter. So apparently smaller kids run in the family!

In other news I finally turned him forward facing in his car seat- I was having this great debate b/c it is safer to have them rear facing and my car seat says 22 lbs to forward face but honestly it was becoming a space issue. The poor kid had no place to put his feet b/c they were jammed up against the seat. Plus I finally installed the baby's car seat in my car and I am going to need the mirror for the new one so... I think Xander thinks it is pretty cool b/c he gets to see what is going on better!

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